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We Are One (cover art) :iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 7 5 I'm Sasuke Uchiha?! :iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 2 6
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.92
Naruto perked his head at the statement Elek had made.
“Huh? Mottos?”
“Yes, it’s what the rescue team would be specific at or their slogan, in a way,” Elek explained with a gentle smile, “Some teams have slogans for their team causes. Like, Team Tactics,” in which I’ll point out Naruto’s eyes sparkled at the name, “their team slogan is ‘To win our battles with the most effective way possible.’ It reflects their style of rescue of careful planning and tactics.”
“Do we really have to get a slogan for our rescue team? It sounds kinda lame,” King perked an eyebrow up suspiciously.
“Well, it’s not required, I should say, but it does help,” our teacher explained, “It will allow for people who need teams with specific tasks figure out which is best for their certain field of jobs.”
“Hmm… that’s going to be kind of hard, Elek… No offense to anybody o
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 5 25
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.91
“Oh, yum yum YUM!!! I love BBQ Pork!!” Naruto yelled loudly, stuffing some into his face.
Elek had taken us to the BBQ Pit, this really cool looking eating place where you could cook meals on the table in front of you. It was mainly a wooden-build looking area, and we were in a booth way into the place, far from any doors. Our booth curled so we could sit more people together. From left to right. It was Arty, Elek, Sasuke, me, Naruto, King, Batsu, and Zev. Everyone was eating meat-filled foods with other stuff like potatoes, salad, and the classic soda drinks (thank Arceus they still make soda in the Pokémon world). But Naruto had just grabbed a ton of pork and began consuming it all. It caused poor Sasuke to sigh in a bit of surrender.
“Oh, I give up; all those attempts at trying to get you to stop eating so much are down the drain as far as I'm concerned,” he said.
“Hmmf? What did you say?” Naruto didn't catch that, and tilted his head to th
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 3 19
(Point com) Merry Christmas from Team Believers :iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 23 1
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.90
“Ladies and Gentlemen!!” the booming and joyous voice of Lucario called out to the massive cheering of the crowd and team that gathered together to be there, “Welcome so much to the annual crowning of the Rescue Team candidates. Here you will see the different and wonderful collections of the thirty-two teams who made it past these exams and were able to become your newly trustworthy and future protection.”
It was rather excited to be able to be announced as a new rescue team member. Standing by my brothers, I smiled in pride as Sasuke gently took my paw and rubbed it softly. I smiled as Naruto joined into snuggling my side and keeping his head into my side.
“I will call the names of the teams in no specific order. When their name is called,” Lucario explained by pointing with his paw to the front of the stage, “the team leader will come up for their set of official badges and certificate. The rest of the team will step up to the front and thus
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 6 5
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.89
We waited by the Kecleon Shop as a huge stage/platform was being constructed to be in the center of the town. Made of wood and rock, several fighting type Pokémon were building and setting it up sturdy and tight so that way, it wouldn't fall over. We all were talking in a group huddle (sort of) and just did really didn't speak about serious things; just everyday stuff that I was tuning out of though. I really didn't care because I was felt so naked in a sense from the huge scar that I now had. Even standing still with my arms at my side, you could still see it. It didn't hurt right now, but I had the feeling it would.
"Yo, Sasuke!!" I heard a familiar voice say.
I turned to see that Team Bui-Power had showed up smiling. Just the expressions on their faces alone, I could tell they had passed too. ….Now that I think about it, there were a lot of Buizels here. Sasuke, Holt, Draco, Ryoshi, Guruko, Ruko... a theme, perhaps?
"I'm so happy you passed!" Draco said, happily as he hugg
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 5 12
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.88
"Oh, I'm so relieved," Sasuke said gently and quietly as he nuzzled my cheek, "You're okay..."
"Sasuke.... I'm so scared..." I whispered, crying a bit too.
"I know... but it's over now.... you're okay," Sasuke said as he let go and sat near my bed with a smile.
"Brother!" Naruto whined as he began to lick all my tears away, causing me to giggle a bit from the ticklish feeling.
"Naruto was worried all night about you.... he couldn't stop whining and crying, so I had to come here with him to find out if you were all right," Sasuke said, wiping his tears away.
I sighed sobbingly as my brother kept licking my face over and over. His poor little eyes kept watering as he tried to make me feel good, with love and tender care. Smiling happily and feeling a bit more cheerful, my right arm struggled to move and pet him. Sensing my hand coming over, Naruto lowered his head and with his muzzle, lifted my hand onto his face. He smiled gently as I rubbed my fingers on his fur gently and made him fee
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 4 12
Mature content
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.87 :iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 7 22
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.86
"Well.... this is a very awkward path," Sasuke said interested by the layout of the place.
The shortcut we had gotten from Leon was this weird glowing blue area. Like, there was these amazing blue crystals that had melted somehow and glowed at the bottom as these tiny rocks near them were cross-able by jumping over them slowly. It seems that this would lead us right to them as we headed closer. It was kind of hard to jump on these rocks as they were very slippery.
"Of course, every place in this dungeon would have to be difficult," King grumbled as he nearly fell off a rock and waved his arms to get back on.
"Well, hey, no one's complaining here," Zev said, struggling to stay on his rock too.
Jumping across this freaking rocks was hard.... wait, I already said that... WELL, I'M SAYING IT AGAIN!! Geez, did Gabite purposely know about this shortcut and like rub butter or something onto the rocks!? Man, this was super hard, but at least this would end up getting closer to Elek.
"All right
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 6 5
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.85
We were still standing right where Leon had left us and what he just said about everyone of us left bad tastes in the mouths of our team. I probably was the one who felt the least upset, for he really didn't say anything negative about myself, but more of that fact I was still trying to regain composure from getting the wind knocked out of me. But I could tell you from just visual looks and body language, they all were upset.
"You're not the only one who wants to rip that guy to shreds," Zev said, angrily and folding his arms, "If he has a set of guts to even joke about Sorren getting hurt, I got a lot to say to his face."
"Indeed. A coward only comes to trash-talk others and then leaves before the others can retort," Batsu said, obviously upset at the insults he was named.
"Am... Am
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 3 12
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.84
Slowly and steadily, we ended up watching King and Sasuke walk to the edge of the bridge. Filled with uncertainty and grief, you could just see the millions of invisible sweat drops running down their heads as they approached the bridge. With a deep breath, Sasuke immediately looked back at us.
"Okay... we're going over now... wish us luck," he said as he slowly took a gently step forward.
With no crumbling and a solid ground to walk on, the Buizel slowly skidded his feet gently to make no wrong and sudden footsteps. After he got a certain distance, King pounded his fists together.
"All right, no cowardice!" he shouted to himself, "I can do this!"
Soon, the Charmeleon decided to do a series of gentle steps and walk across the bridge. Both were extremely terrified in secrecy, and come on, could you blame them? Here they are, walking across an unsafe and untested bridge that they made of hardened mud, attached to an already unsafe, unstable bridge. There were a few moments when I was sca
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 5 7
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.83
We soon got to the next obstacle that seemed to get in our way. As we came into the view with our next opening, we saw a bridge that went over one more deep gorge and had a thin yet wide area to travel apart on. As we all approached the area, we slowly turned our attention to Naruto as he kept looking around. He suddenly felt the eerie stare of our collected eyes as he turned his head over in our direction. Despite being a smart rescue member, it seems he has a bit of a problem when it comes to common sense. I love you, Naruto, but you do.
"What?" he asked, tilting his head.
"You know what," Sasuke said smiling, "Just making sure you're not going to run off to the bridge and almost getting killed a second time."
"You know I'm careful! ...Most of the time," Naruto said, with a pouty face.
"Mhm, as careful as a Psyduck," King rolled his eyes as he groaned and looked towards Sasuke, "So, fearless leader, do we cross the bridge or what?"
"Not yet. I wanna analyze if it's safe to pass on. I
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 3 3
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.82
As we got towards the cavern, we noticed that two younger Buizels were standing near the entrance. When we approached them, the littlest one giggled and ran out in front of us. He ran around us in a circle and wagged his little tail, before stopping in front of us. I have to admit; at much as I've seen a lot of cute things, this little Buizel by far is the cutest.
"Hi, I'm Ruko!" he said happily, proudly proclaiming his name.
"Hi, Ruko," Sasuke said smiling at him and held the bag (which by the way, he would be the one in charge of holding the bag throughout the whole mission until I mention it later), "How are you?"
"Bored, to be honest. I've been standing here with my brother waiting for some team to come along and start something about a test thingy," the little guy said, swaying back and forth.
"Ruko! Don't go running off where I can't – Oh, hello," we heard someone say as the other Buizel came over, "I take it that you're Team Believers, correct?"
"Yes, that would be us," Sas
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 5 11
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.81
"Congratulations, all you rescue teams of making it so far and one step closer to passing!" Machoke said as in a short timeskip, he came in front of the pond and addressed us, "I'm proud to say as the leader of Team Champ, you're so close to being a part of this wonderful foundation. But now, it's time for me to get on with it. So, without further blah talk, I will explain to you that the last part of the exam is basically a practicum."
"Prah-what?" Naruto said, tilting his head.
I turned to him and explained, "It means you're put into a mock situation that tests if you will be able to do complete what you want to do."
"Basically, you will be put into a mock mission where you need to rescue a client from an enemy in a dungeon. We will test you on teamwork, cleverness, and success with this final stage to see if you can successfully prove yourself as an official team. What will happen is we will hand you a paper with your mission. It will tell what dungeon you have to go to, who your cl
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 4 2
Thomas Buizel Poochyena: Ch.80
Pyro suddenly turned to King and said, "So, you don't like Naruto?"
"Not really, Pyro... I just don't care for his happy, cheerful about everything all the time attitude... but why are you giving me that glare?" King said, folding his arms.
The little Charmander grinned happily and said, "Because, King... you're going to snuggle him."
We all were completely taken back by this. The Charmeleon gave a 'WTH' look at his brother as he then looked at Naruto. The Poochyena was sitting happily, but had his head tilted in confusion as King shook his head.
"And why the hell would I wanna do that?" he asked roughly.
"Because if you don't snuggle him, I'm gonna tell everybody about the incident," Pyro said with a devilish giggle.
"Eh...? What incident?" King asked, folding his arms.
It was then the little Charmander walked over and signaled his older brother to lean his head down so he could whisper into his ear. King crouched down and listened carefully as he was whispered something dreadful. It
:iconmrawesomematty:MrAwesomeMatty 5 23

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Home: Chapter 4
Omni-gel slickened his hand. The cool wetness dripped down the contours of his fingers to his elbow. Puddles stuck to his back as he lay down under the Mako. His hands flew over the twisted wires and bent pipes. The warped metal continuously chafed against his hand, irritating and scratching his plates. Gloves be damned. Snapping strands with his talons and feeling the tiny bubbles in the metal reminded him of the here, the now. He had to keep busy.
A glob of gel dropped from a frayed wire. Cold splattered across his cheek, spraying his face with tiny droplets. One shotgun crack and Fist's life splashed over him, reddening his face and armor… Wrex. The anger swelled inside of him once again. That damned krogan. Garrus folded his legs to the side to watch Wrex across the bay. Wrex had killed Fist without a second thought, without a hint of mercy. He leaned against the crates, arms folded nonchalantly; smug in the knowledge that he would get paid for that man's blood. Garrus
:iconcryathena:CryAthena 23 13
Cosmic Ray :iconthomas-koidhis:Thomas-Koidhis 4,882 719 Cold as Ice :iconurbanballerinaesq:UrbanBallerinaEsq 910 66 E.N.B. :iconmariasvarbova:mariasvarbova 926 50 Pokemon PMD page 1 :iconcolorsareawesome:ColorsAreAwesome 31 23 Comic page 'Explorer' :iconradsechrist:radsechrist 1,756 93 XCT: Aura Claw :icondewwydarts:DewwyDarts 25 32
05. Kung Fu Panda 3 - Eyes Of The Tiger
TITLE: Kung Fu Panda 3 - Chapter 05. Eyes Of The Tiger.
The Jade Palace Kitchen - Early morning.
Whilst  I (Tigress) slept in the kitchen from having very little sleep from last night, despite being in a very deep sleep, I could hear the gong from the staff of Jade Palace.
I had no intentions of waking up. I needed my sleep, and I wouldn't care if someone took the mickey out of me right now, especially Po joking that whilst Mr. Ping cooked the breakfast, that I was in front of the queue.
Masters Monkey, Crane, Mantis, Viper,  Shifu, and  The Dragon Warrior Po entered the kitchen, each one up and dressed ready for today... Whilst I slept in my night gown sitting down with my head on my arms which were slumped on the table. Every one knew that I'd have a back ache when I eventually woke up, but waking me would proof difficult.
"Shh, Tigress's sleeping!" Mr. Ping said to everyone.
"Aww, she looks kinda cute when she sleeps!" Po quietly said as he
:icondestiny3000:Destiny3000 50 17


I gotta say for my first critique, I like this picture. It caught my eye and I absolutely love it. So, I'm just critique on categories ...


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