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The explosion of fireworks echoed from the stage throughout the whole stadium. The crowd stood up and roared at the theme song play and the stage lights shone all around. The energy level went through the roof as the TV announcers could barely hear themselves and talk to the viewers at home.

"Hello, Ladies and Gentleman," one of the announcers near the ring said behind a huge black table, "this is George Button and with my partner in 'crime', Kanye Younce. We are live here to bring you the excitement of the WWI tonight."

"Oh, yeah!!" Kanye cheered, "We have the amazing match that will never be forgotten! The Championship Tag-team match that has been anticipated for months is tonight! Right here, right now!!"

George smiled and said, "Indeed, this match literally was almost on the brink of being cancelled five days before this day!"

"You're kidding!!" Kanye exclaimed, "What happened?"

"Well," George explained, "One of the competitor's partners participated in that disastrous TLC match a week ago, and got banged up pretty badly. He was rushed to the hospital and wouldn't compete. Therefore, we were almost certain the match would be canceled, but then, a blessing in disguise appeared in front of the GM. We've got Matty Morse, the American Phenomenon as a guest fighter tonight!!"

Kanye's face lit up as he shouted, "No way!! He's here!? Oh, now I cannot wait for this!!"

George said, "That's right; the matchup is Matty and Matipuno versus Grizz and Daigo. For now, we'll just have to wait and see as the General Manager himself is coming down the ramp right now!"

The crowd jumped up and applauded, cheering as the General Manager walked down from the stage to the ring. After getting to the ring, everyone cheered out loud with everything they had as he looked with pride and a smile, glancing at everyone.

"How are all of you doing tonight?" He said loudly into the microphone.

The crowd increased its volume as he chuckled. He looked around the whole arena and decided to pump the crowd more.

"I cannot hear you; I SAID, HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING TONIGHT!?" he yelled.

The crowd totally exploded with yells, cheers, and screams as it almost hurt the GM's ears. Nevertheless, he held his head high as he was excited himself. He chuckled, and then continued on.

"All right, here it is, what you've all been waiting for," he continued to say, "It's time for… THE MAIN EVENT!!"

The crowd once again roared at its maximum as the GM laughed with pride.

He then said the rules, "This is the Championship Tag-Team Elimination match! The winners will be decided when both competitors of either side is either pinned to a three count, submit, or knocked out. There is no time limit and there is no ring out limit. No weapons are allowed in the fight."

The theme for Daigo and Grizz's tag team started to blare out of the massive speakers from the stage and the ceiling, as the entrance movie of the two wrestlers played on the monitor, showing clips of them fighting. Everyone suddenly screamed in excitement and anticipation as Grizz walked out first as Daigo followed shortly behind. The wolf wore white trunks and boots, as well as a white sweatband on his head that went below his ears. He wore brownish athletic tape on his biceps and stomach. The dragon wore his black eyepatch over the bad eye, wore red and blue short speedo/trunks, a red cape, metal fingerless gloves, and metal foot supporters that showed his toes and heels. Both nodded to each other after the stretched on the stage and started to walk down the ramp. The fans cheered harder as they approached the ring.

"Introducing first," they both heard the GM announce, "From the great places of Dudleyville and Japan, with a combined weight of 489 lbs… Daigo Webster and Grizz, the Great Wolf!"

The mentioned wrestlers walked towards the apron. As they drew nearer, Grizz jumped up onto the apron and immediately jumped over the ropes into the ring. As he waved and flexed his muscles to the cheering crowd, Daigo smirked and chuckled as he got onto the metal steps and walked up them and along the apron. He bowed to the crowd as Grizz pointed to him and clapped, signaling the soon clapping audience to join him in applause.

As Daigo soon got in, he started to take off his cape as Grizz got on the turnbuckle and excited the crowd.The GM smiled and happily took his cape and handed to the referee, who was waiting outside and put it near the Broadcast tables George and Kanye sat. Daigo bowed to the exciting audience as Grizz howled. The crowd got excited as both wrestlers then walked over to where the General Manager stood. Their music died out and their movie stopped showing on the screen. They waited for the next part to start.

Just then, the theme and movie for Matipuno's tag team started. Everyone started to cheer and scream in excitement as they watched the two competitors. Suddenly, the whole energy of the crowd exploded when a certain teenager appeared running into the stage. Matty was yelling, laughing, and jumping all around the stage, exciting the crowd and egging them on. Soon, Matipuno jumped out onto the stage and raised his arms in the air. The crowd broke out into a screaming cheer. Both partners looked at each other, grinned, and started to walk down the ramp.

"And their opponents," The General Manager said in a suspenseful manner, "From Japan and Bar Harbor, Maine, with a combined weight of 367 lbs… the Roaring Matipuno and "American Phenomenon", Matty Morse!!"

The crowd suddenly went insane seeing Matty out in the open; since he was a famous traveling fighter, it was rare to be in public like this. Both of them got to the apron as Matipuno stood in front of it. He slowly got his left knee onto it as he soon stood up on it. As he slowly got into the ring, Matty decided to raise the crowd level by running around the ring. He took a right and then ran around the ring, raising his fist high as the crowd noise hit the roof, it could've knocked it down. As he passed the broadcast tables, George and Kanye cheered, the Referee laughed, the GM smirked, even the three wrestlers laughed and clapped as he got the metal steps near the ramp. Instead of running up them, he jumped up onto the steps, jumped again unto the turnbuckle, and then did a front flip into the ring.

The crowd flipped into a frenzy of excitement and happiness as Matty then started jumping and showing off some kicks and punches. Matipuno soon got on both knees and then roared so loud, it echoed through the whole stadium. Everyone stood up and cheered as both of them faced their opponents. Both teams faced off as the GM bowed to them and stepped out of the ring. The referee soon stepped into the ring as the GM then sat down near George and Kanye.

Matty walked over and said to the ref, "Hey, just a request. Can you let me know if I go too far with my attacks, so you can tell me to calm down and back off?"

"Yes, I will," the ref said, "It's up to you to listen to me, though. Okay?"

Matty nodded as he walked back to his partner. Both teams went to the corners.

"Okay, so what's the plan? Who's going first?" Matty asked as he looked at his partner.

Matipuno looked at their opponents and said, "Let me go first. I can give you an example of wrestling, Matty, if you watch me."

Matty nodded and moved through the ropes, thus standing on the apron near their turnbuckle. They both watched as Daigo slowly did the same and stood on the apron, holding the ropes. That meant Grizz would be up first. Matipuno smirked as both locked eyes with each other. Both slowly got away from their corners and stood off. The ref looked at both of them, then at Daigo, then at Matty, and then pointed at the Broadcast table. With that, George hit the bell, starting the match. The crowd then cheered ecstatically as this one got underway.

Here it is; the beginning of the fight!! Matty and Matipuno vs Daigo and Grizz!!

Matipuno's Tag team theme: [link]

Daigo and Grizz's Tag team theme: [link]

Previous: [link]

Next: [link]

Here are some of the people mentioned here in the story:

My OC, Matty Morse: [link]

Daigo also belongs to me

Matipuno: [link]

Grizz: [link]

Their creator, beardrooler: :iconbeardrooler:

Let me and Matty know if you wanna fight!
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