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Matty became frantic as Daigo groaned in hopelessness and struggled to get out of the pin, his left leg scooping in an upward direction, and his tail moving around violently. The crowd started shouting for the ref to get up and look. The announcers kept bringing the live action to the TV Viewers as the GM watched on.

"Come on! REF!! LOOK AT THEM!!" Matipuno roared in impatience.

The ref noticed him and then immediately looked at them. His eyes widened as he realized he was late in counting it. He quickly shook his head, snapping himself out of the dizziness, and ran over to them. Matty breathed a bit of relief, but his arms were starting to ache as Daigo kept struggling.

The ref began to count, "1…"

"DAIGO! HURRY!! KICK OUT!!" Grizz yelled to his partner.

Daigo got a bit annoyed with that; he was trying! It wasn't that Matty was physically stronger than he was; he had just gotten him into a position where his strength was against him and his leg and arms were locked into a position that he wasn't used to getting out of.

Daigo closed his eyes as he head shook 'no', trying to break free. He shot his left leg straight up into the air, but to no avail. His legs went back down as he struggled up-side down. Meanwhile, Matty was getting tired and desperate; this pin was feeling like an eternity.

The ref counted, "2…"

Daigo started to wiggle his body all around, trying to escape the grasp of the pin. Now, this would have been a bad strategy, especially against a wrestler who was known for strength. However, because the ref was dizzy and hadn't counted the moment the pin started, the result was that Matty's arms were getting tired. And, sadly, the boy knew he couldn't hold on any longer.

Right after the two count, Daigo was able to shoot his right leg out of Matty's grasp and kick his legs upward, breaking the pinfall. The crowd went 'awww' and some even booed at the result of the pin. Daigo immediately tried to sit up and get up, but suddenly flinched in pain as he laid back down. The pain that Matty had inflicted was starting to wear on his head. And considering he was entering his fifties, Daigo wasn't able to just jump right back up after getting knocked around like he used to when he was younger. He laid on the ground, breathing and wiping the sweat from his eyes while he tried to collect himself.

Matty shook his head and looked at the official, who turned to him.

"I'm sorry; I hit head on the ropes," he apologized.

"It's alright," Matty said, smiling, "It was my fault; I knocked you into them, therefore I screwed up myself."

Despite letting it pass, he was a bit upset; if he hadn't knocked that ref over, Daigo would've been pinned and eliminated. But, there was no time to complain now. That was over, and Matty needed to follow up before the veteran could turn the tables or tag his partner.

Matty sat the dragon up and slowly moved his arms underneath his armpits. After doing that, he secured his hands behind his back, forcing his arms back, so he couldn't move them. With that, Matty got on one knee and made Daigo slouch, and by doing the Underline Hook Hold, he pulled back and upwards on his arms.

Daigo immediately felt his arms being pushed upwards and the pain on his arms and shoulders. He gritted his teeth and grunted, but he couldn't really struggle; all he could do was pound and flail his legs on the mat. He grunted in pain as Matty kept yanking and wrenching him in the submission hold. The ref soon knelt down again and faced Daigo.

"Talk to me, Daigo. Do you wanna quit?" the ref asked.

"Urgh…. N-no…" Daigo was able to say in pain.

With that, Matipuno roared in content as his partner looked at him with a grin and kept wrenching.

"That's it, Matty! Keep it up!" he cheered.

"You can do it, Daigo!" Grizz encouraged, "You can get out of this!"

The dragon wanted to believe him, but with a slouched position, he wasn't able to use his full strength. Not only that, but the pain was starting to ebb at his body. He gritted his teeth as the sweat started to go into his eyes. He grunted in pain as he clenched his hands into fists tightly. He felt that he wouldn't be able to escape in time, and that he would have to submit.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, realizing something; his tail was behind him underneath Matty. He decided if he could just reach the ropes, he could get a rope break. He gritted his teeth and stretched his tail out as far as he could. He sighed a relief as he felt his tail wrap around the rope. He endured the hold longer as the official started to count again.

"1…. 2….. 3…."

Matty suddenly looked behind him to see the tail on the ropes and let go. Daigo grunted as he laid back down in pain. The teenager started to feel dizzy a bit; the pain and fatigue was taking him slowly down. He needed a break as he held his face and stood up.

Matipuno immediately saw he needed the tag and offered his hand over the ropes.

"Matipuno, I n-need-" Matty tried to say.

"No worries, buddy; tag me in," his partner said.

With that, Matty tagged Matipuno's hand and switched places. The teen shook his head in pain. Matipuno smiled and patted him on the back twice before walking toward a downed Daigo. He decided since Matty had worn him down with submission holds, he could try to keep doing them. With that, he gently helped Daigo up to his feet, holding onto his head.

After he lead him into the middle of the ring, he wrapped his arms around Daigo's torso, pulling him into what looked like a hug and making their bodies touch. Daigo's eyes widened up as he realized that his opponent locked his hands behind his back. With that, Matipuno's tail flailed from side to side violently as he lifted him up into a Bear Hug and started to squeeze him.

Daigo put his arms around Matipuno's neck, clenching his fists tightly with some of Matipuno's fur in them as he yelled in pain; his legs bent close to his body and rested them by wrapping them a bit on Matipuno's body. Once again, he gritted his teeth in pain and closed his eyes. The ref immediately stood to the side of them, so he could see both their faces and turned to Daigo.

"Come on, Daigo! All it takes is two words and I'll stop it!" he said.

Matipuno strengthened his hug and said, "Come on, Daigo; give it up!"

"Ahh! No! Grrrrgh!!" Daigo groaned.

He rested his head on the left shoulder and left side of Matipuno's neck, his muzzle grunting into his fur. Both wrestlers struggled into this hold as Daigo was starting to want to give up. He looked to his partner, who was on edge and anxious as he kept pacing back and forth on the apron. Grizz then leaned over the ropes and showed his hand, proving he was ready to make the tag. All Daigo had to do was get him off.

The dragon then slowly took his hands, put them on Matipuno's mouth and chin, and then started to push off it. Matipuno strengthened his hold, but his head and neck were not stronger than Daigo's arms. His head slowly went back as he growled. Daigo just needed a bit more. He pushed Matipuno's head back to the part where he had his eyes closed and teeth visible, trying to hold onto Daigo. Suddenly, he felt him let go of his face. When Matipuno opened his eyes to look at him, Daigo took his hands and smashed the sides of his head, near his ears.

When he felt the impact, Matipuno immediately let go of his opponent and held his head. Daigo quickly took advantage of it and then did a spinning kick into his chest. The lion gritted his teeth in pain as he fell backwards onto the mat.

Grizz immediately held his hand out for the tag as the injured veteran dropped to his knees and looked at him.

"COME ON, DAIGO! TAG ME IN NOW!!" he yelled.

With that, Daigo took his chance to escape as he lunged at Grizz and tagged his hand before he landed on his stomach. A fired up Grizz stepped in between the ropes as Daigo sat on the apron a bit and took a breather before he would soon stand back up.

Matipuno quickly rushed to his feet and looked up to see he was too late in stopping the downed wrestler from switching out. He shook his head as Grizz was ready to go. The wolf rushed at Matipuno, but although he was knocked down, didn't mean he was not ready.

Grizz rushed at him and tried to clothesline him, but Matipuno ducked and grabbed him from behind. As he picked him up, Matipuno roared as he did a Back Suplex to Grizz.

The crowd roared wildly in excitement as Grizz hit the mat and immediately jumped up. As he tried to rush at his opponent again, Matipuno hooked him into a regular Suplex and smashed him down again into the mat. Yet again, Grizz shot up to his feet and tried to get up. But this time, before he could rush, Matipuno locked in his arm and did an arm-drag takedown. As soon as the wolf landed hard on his back, Matipuno grabbed the right arm and put it under his right arm pit. He then sat on Grizz's right ribs as he started wrenching the arm backwards, not allowing the struggling wolf any leverage to move.

Grizz howled in pain as he struggled to get away. Matipuno looked at Matty, who finally had recovered from dizziness as both smirked at each other. Despite the tag, they were not out of this yet!

Well, Daigo was able to slip away, but that beating is gonna take its toll on him. And now that Matipuno is back in and in complete control against Grizz, is it possible that he and Matty can win this? Keep on reading! ^^

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Here are some of the people mentioned here in the story:

My OC, Matty Morse: [link]

Daigo also belongs to me

Matipuno: [link]

Grizz: [link]

Their creator, beardrooler: :iconbeardrooler:

Let me and Matty know if you wanna fight!
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