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February 29, 2012
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After a few rounds, I… ended up still on my butt. I did a whole lot better at fighting and being able to not be predictable, but Sasuke clearly had more experience in fighting than I did. We had practiced for a few hours and that had helped me significantly read opponent's moves and learn how to fight with an amazing style. I slowly gasped from the pain as I looked at Sasuke walk over to me with a loving smile. He slowly sat down next to me and saw a cut on my face that had resulted from me skidding across the ground. He closed his eyes and licked it repeatedly. This caused me to end up like putty in his arms as I went limp in his arms.

"Hehe, you like it when I snuggle you like this, don't you, Thomas?" he said as he licked more.

"I… can't help it, bro… this feels so good…" I barely managed to say.

I didn't know why, but I just melted into limpness whenever Sasuke or Naruto snuggled or licked me. I had guessed maybe that it was just a normal Pokémon response to be petted like that. But I believe now that it was the love for my brothers that made me act like that. I felt so safe and calm when I was with them, and when they held me, I was so happy.

With the final lick, Sasuke had made my cut feel better and sat next to me. He looked at me and smiled as he rubbed my back.

"There," he said as he grinned, "That feel better?"

"Yeah, thanks," I grinned and said with a big nod.

"Geez, Thomas, you're something else. Only two hours and you've got a good grasp on this fighting thing. It's been one of the toughest spars I've been in," he said with a wink.

I blinked as a streak of crimson went across my face. I was one of the toughest? But I didn't feel like it. Maybe he was sweet-talking me, trying to butter me up to how much I needed to keep going. Yet, the look in Sasuke's eyes was so sincere and true. I cracked a tiny embarrassed giggle as he stroked my back with his tails.

"You really are getting stronger, Thomas. I'm gonna do what I can to make you even stronger than what you are, okay?" he said, and as I nodded, he got up and continued, "So, why don't we practice hand-to-hand one more time then we can start with your electrical attacks?"

"Okay," I answered as I jumped up.

He nodded to me as he dropped into his stance and me into mine. He gave a gentle smile as he took a step forward.

"This time, Thomas, I'm using my full speed and I'm not holding back. If you wanna quit, let me know; I don't wanna hurt you too bad," Sasuke said.

I nodded as he suddenly raised his head and fired a Water Gun over his head, thus causing it to rain down on him. Suddenly, I recalled the ability Buizels have called Swift Swim, which allows the Pokémon with that ability to gain speed if they get wet or if it's raining. It was then as I tried to brace myself, Sasuke immediately appeared near my right and hit my shoulders. I winced as I was thrown off a bit and actually got turned around by it. As I tried to regain my balance, I felt a tail smash into my chest that sent me on my back. Grunting as I struggled to get to my feet, I opened my eyes and suddenly I could see Sasuke… moving in slow-motion…

What happened…? Only a few seconds ago, I could barely read Sasuke's movements, but now I could read him perfectly. I could see him slowly come closer to me as I realized all I had to do was align my fist where he was going to be. I waited for him to get close and as his face got closer, I put my fist there.

Sasuke ran into it and widened his eyes at the shock of how fast I got him. He grunted as I decked his cheek and sent him rolling back. After a few minutes of recovering on his feet, he looked up with a cheerful grin and laughed excitedly.

"YES!! Thomas, you did it!" he said as he jumped up on his feet, "You're finally getting your Pokémon senses!"

"W-What? I am?" I said confusedly.

"Yeah!" Sasuke explained, "You see, when Pokémon from this world are fighting, their senses increase so much, everything slows down in slow motion so you can fight, when in reality you're fast as lightning! Plus, Electric, Psychic, and Fighting types have the best senses for that! Thomas, you're improving as we speak!"

I grinned in excitement as I suddenly felt this reaction in my body and my mind suddenly envisioned an Electro Ball attack. I gritted my teeth as I slowly began to form an Electro Ball, much to my brother's excitement.

"I… I don't believe it! Thomas, you figured out how to do your electric attacks by focusing during this sense adrenaline and doing them! Thomas…. I…. I'm so proud, you don't have any idea how much!! All right, bro, you come at me with everything you got!!" Sasuke said, nearly tearing.

So, for the next half-an-hour, we spent fighting each other with our full strength (yet I think Sasuke might've held back sometimes). I tried not to hurt Sasuke so much, since electric attacks are one of his weaknesses. I did hit him a couple times with my newly learned Thunderpunch, but I backed off as he tried to shake it off and continue. And while I'm at it, lemme tell you something; those Aqua Jet and Sonicboom attacks KILL like a son of a gun! Man, I thought I had experienced hell back when Mr. Pepperridge's Swampert blasted me with Hyper Beam. But it was cool fighting Sasuke; I could see electricity around my body as I dodged attacks, watch how cool water looked like when it was shaped into an attack, and how both look so beautiful when they mix.

Soon at the end, both of us were exhausted and extremely weak. I was laying face down as I felt very faint. I suddenly heard a grunt and looked to see Sasuke smiling at me as he crawled over to where I was. I watched his soft arms slowly wrap around me and pull me close to him. He grunted from his sore body rubbing against mine as he licked my forehead.

"Thomas… I…. I just…" Sasuke struggled to say as he just gave up speaking and kept licking my forehead.

I knew what he meant as he slowly snuggled me and made sure he didn't rub any tender spots that had been hit. I smiled as I slowly heard the sound of someone approaching. Both of us looked to see Naruto sitting wide-eyed at us. I blushed in embarrassment as he started to grin and yelped in excitement. He then took off full force at us and ran towards us, then running in circles as he reached us. Sasuke chuckled as I watched with a smile.

"THOMAS!! THAT WAS SUPER COOL!!" he said as his tail wagged violently, "YOU WERE LIKE WOOSH, AND THEN YOU WERE LIKE BZZT!!"

I laughed as he panted with his tongue out and Sasuke said, "He's learned how to fight, Naruto. Only in a matter of hours."

"Is that sort of a bad thing?" I asked.

"Technically, that's not possible for a Pokémon normally," Sasuke explained, "However, you're a human, so maybe the powers are easier to control and learn for you. And two, we got the alibi that you already knew how to fight, and just needed to be reminded."

"No matter what it is, you know how to fight, bro!" Naruto said excitedly and proudly, "Now, you got nothing to worry about for the exams tomorrow!"

"Just because he knows how to fight, doesn't mean the exams will be easy, Naruto," we heard Batsu's voice say behind us.

We turned to see Batsu come into the training field and fold his arms once he stood with us. We all were a bit surprised to see him here. I mean, wasn't this supposed to be a private field only known to us brothers?

"Batsu, how did you find this area?" Sasuke asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, as I was unpacking, I came across a piece of paper on the ground that was written by Naruto. It seemed to be directions to this place," Batsu said (as Sasuke gave a nervous-giggling Naruto a glare), "But anyways, I came to ask you something, Sasuke."

"Yes, what is it?" my brother asked.

"Well, I am glad Thomas has learned to fight again," Batsu replied (as he gave me a look that made me feel he was getting suspicious), "but you know that knowing how to fight doesn't give you victory in the exams. Sasuke; you, Naruto, and I all know that these exams are so difficult, it can drive candidates to the brink of frustrated tears. Only the elite teams pass the exams."

"I know that," Sasuke nodded, as I blinked at how difficult Batsu was making this to be, "So, what is your point?"

"I think we need to have a meeting about how our team is going to be formatted," Batsu said with a smile, "and since my father has given me secret details about the exams this year, I feel that this will be worth the talk."

Thomas is now successfully able to use his powers as a Pikachu. With his brothers fueling him with their pride, he feels like he will get better at the exams this year. But Batsu decides for the team to have a meeting, and has information that may be critical for then to know! ^^

Pokemon is (c) by Nintendo.


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