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Matipuno and Grizz then started to circle around the ring a few times as everyone watched carefully. Soon, both of them got to the center of the ring. Soon, in a flash, they both locked up, fighting for control of the grapple. Grizz suddenly flung his right arm over Matipuno's head and successfully got him into a headlock. The lion grunted and struggled as the wolf soon walked him to the ropes and then bounced him off, throwing him into an Irish whip. As Matipuno ran across the ring and bounced off the opposite side of the ropes, Grizz waited for him to come back as he clotheslined him to the ground. Matty gritted his teeth as the impact of Matipuno's back to the mat was heard. Daigo clapped, cheering him on.

The lion shook his head in dizziness and watched as Grizz picked him up. As he got onto his feet, Grizz got him into a headlock again, but tightened it as a hold. Matipuno closed his eyes and struggled, pulling on his arms as hard as he could. Grizz held on as he wrenched on his head and neck, causing him to grunt in pain. The wolf slowly led his prey into a corner and then Irish whipped him again. Matipuno ran and saw that he was on a collision course with the opposite turnbuckle. He swung his body, so his back landed on it. Sure, it was padded, but running into a metal post hurts. Matipuno grunted as he rested against it, but that rest would have to wait. He looked to see Grizz running at him, which would be disastrous and painful if he collided.

Matipuno quickly rolled out of the way as Grizz's chest smashed into the post. He suddenly screamed in pain as the crowed  went 'ooooh' at it. The wolf held his chest as he winced and whimpered. He slowly turned around to see Matipuno jumping and attempting a drop kick to the chest. The two huge black boots kicked into Grizz's chest, sending him backwards into the mat. Matty raised his hands in the air and cheered as Daigo shook his head at his partner's mistake. Grizz grunted as he frantically struggled to get up. As he got to his feet, Matipuno quickly got behind him and grabbed around his waistline. He then tossed him over his head, doing a German suplex. Grizz went flying and landed on his back near the shoulders, causing him to immediately hold his neck in pain. He laid there for several seconds as Matipuno was able to get a quick breather.

Soon, the lion walked over and helped the wolf up to his feet. He stood up face-to-face, put his left arm over his neck, held his left hand with his right, and grabbed the edge of Grizz's trunks. He then pulled on it, lifting him up into the air. Grizz then was upside down as Matipuno held him up. The crowd started to get louder and cheer more the longer he held him up. Matipuno smiled as he turned 360 degrees in a circle to show everyone. Finally, he leaned backwards and suplexed Grizz to the mat. The wolf grunted as he laid very still. Matipuno quickly rushed and got on top of him, holding his right leg in his left arm.

The ref dropped down and quickly counted by slapping the mat, "1…."

Before he could get to two, Grizz raised an arm and kicked out. Matipuno let go of his leg and quickly stood up. He then dropped right back down with an elbow drop. It connected, as Grizz flinched and held his chest. As Matipuno got up and was about to plan his next move, he heard something from the crowd.

Suddenly, he heard the chant 'Matty, Matty' getting louder and louder with timed clapping. He smirked as then the whole arena chanted Matty's name, obviously wanting him in the ring. The teenager blinked in surprise, then started to blush as he rubbed his head in embarrassment. Matipuno smirked and chuckled. Even Daigo clapped with the audience and smirked. Matty suddenly stretched by hanging off the ring and squatting, and grinned at his partner. Matipuno nodded and walked over to him.

"Matty, it's your turn! You ready?" Matipuno chuckled.

Matty grinned and said, "Lemme at 'em!!"

With that, Matipuno tagged Matty's hands as both traded places with each other. The crowd went beserk as Grizz shook his head and got on his knees. He looked up to see that his opponent had made the tag. Instead of nervous, he got excited as his tail wagged violently. Despite his pain, he soon stood up and grinned, getting ready to wrestle. Matty smirked at him, tightened his headband, and fist-pumped at Grizz. The crowd went wild as Matty then circled with him around the ring, waiting to make a move.

Just then, Matty made a rush for Grizz's legs, trying a knockdown. However, the wolf anticipated the teenager's movements and sidestepped, causing him to grab air. As Matty skidded to a stop on his knees, his right leg went a bit into the air, which Grizz took fully opportunity of and grabbed it. Matty tried to stand by pushing off the ground. Just then, Grizz leg whipped him to the ground, causing Matty to land on his back.

As Matty hit the ground, Grizz, still holding on to his leg, rolled him over onto his stomach. He then sat on his rear. Then he pulled Matty's right leg under his arm into a Single Leg Boston Crab and began to pull hard. Matty's eyes suddenly widened as he felt the pain go through the leg. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly, trying to withstand the pain. Matipuno saw this and leaned into the ring.

"Come on, Matty!! Don't give up!" he screamed.

"You got this, Grizz; let him have it!" Daigo yelled to his partner, who was in control.

As Grizz locked the hold in, the ref kneeled to Matty's face.

"Do you wanna submit?" he asked.

"NO!!" Matty yelled in pain.

Grizz kept pulling and holding his leg in place, as the ref stayed there to make sure he could see Matty tap or hear him say he wanted to give. The teen closed his eyes in pain as he looked around quickly for a chance to escape. Matty didn't want to go for the tag, since he got in the ring just now, but the ropes were too far out of reach. Matty realized that he could reverse the move not by pure power, but by outthinking his opponent at the moment. He then pushed up with his arms as he grunted in pain. Grizz suddenly realized his opponent was pushing him up, but although he now was forced to stand up, he still had the hold. He decided to wrench his leg back further. Matty smirked; that was exactly what he wanted him to do. He pushed off his hands, and before his head came to the ground, he flipped under Grizz's legs, just being upside down but now so that Grizz was no longer holding him.

The wolf suddenly noticed he escaped. Before he could react, Matty had taken his hands and placed them on the back of the ankles of his boots. With all of his might, he pushed the back of his feet, causing his feet to fly off the ground. Because he was holding his leg, Grizz couldn't try to balance himself or grab anything to stop himself from falling, so he went back hard down on the mat. Although he could've followed up, Matty decided to get up and roll back to get some distance. With that, the ref got back up and watched them.

Grizz frantically got up, realizing his opponent wasn't near him. He sighed as he looked and saw Matty at the ready. As he looked down and stood up, Daigo suddenly flinched in surprise.

"Grizz!! Look up!!" he yelled.

The wolf's head jerked up as he suddenly saw something; Matty right in his face doing one of his famous helicopter kicks. The foot smashed into the jaw, cause Grizz to jump into the air. He grunted at the pain that he felt as he spun in a circle and landed hard on the ground. Matty skidded behind him on his knees and sat him up. He quickly locked in a chin hold by taking hold of his chin, putting his right knee on the middle of his back, and pulling his head back. Grizz growled in pain, as his hands grabbed Matty's and held them, trying to pull them off. Matty smirked, knowing that the hold was working.

"I got you right where I want you," he said confidently.

"Great job, Matty! Keep it going!" Matipuno cheered.

"Come on, Grizz; you can out of this! You can do it!" Daigo pleaded with his partner.

The ref kneeled down to them and asked, "I can stop this, Grizz. Do you want me to?"

Grizz shook his head 'no' and felt more agony in his back. The wolf closed his eyes in pain; although he was tough, he was still mortal. This beating was starting to ebb at his body. He needed to get Matty off, or else he'd really be hurting. His eyes squinted opened as he noticed something; when he fell, he had landed close to the ropes. And because of Matty's kick, it had drawn him closer to it. He looked to his right and saw that the ropes were very close, that if he leaned for just a bit to the right, he could grab the ropes and get a rope break.

He kept his left hand pulling, but slowly let go with his right and slowly began to reach for the ropes. Matty suddenly saw this and stopped him by taking his right arm and locking underneath his armpit, forcing his arm upwards away from the ropes. He could feel the warm and sweaty fur of his opponent as he struggled.

"Matty, just letting you know; if he does get a hold of the ropes, I'm gonna count to 5; if you don't let go when I say 5, you're disqualified," to which Matty nodded and he turned to Grizz, asking, "Do you wanna give up now, Grizz?"

"N-No…" the wolf painfully responded.

Matty knew the hold was wearing him down, and the wolf felt it. Grizz's body started to grow weak; he needed to find a way out of the hold. Suddenly, he realized something; his right boot was near it. With that, he swung his leg, so his foot got caught into the ropes. The ref saw this and started to count.

"1…. 2… 3…" he counted.

Matty heard this and immediately let go. Grizz laid on the ground, panting in relief and pain. Matipuno muttered something, as Daigo sighed in relief. The crowd cheered on as the GM and announcers looked on. Now, Matty could've followed up with some stomps on his grounded opponent; however, Matty likes to fight clean, so he thinks that stomping on opponents while they are down is a cheap and dirty move. Instead of doing that, Matty slowly lead his opponent onto his feet and jumped. He put his feet onto Grizz's stomach and let gravity do its job by bringing him down. This caused Grizz to lean with Matty down to the ground, giving Matty the taken chance to flip him over him with his legs, doing a Monkey Flip.

Grizz landed on his back hard as he grunted in pain. Matty then decided to follow up, so he grabbed his legs. But before he could get a truly good and solid grasp, Grizz took both legs, used all his might, and pushed Matty as hard as he could off him. This caused Matty's center of balance to go way out of proportion and make him go sailing backwards onto the mat. Matty painfully landed on his back as he did a back-roll. Matipuno watched and gasped at something as the crowd suddenly screamed in excitement. Matty couldn't see it yet due to momentum, so he waited to look until he finally landed on his knees and balanced himself with his hands on the ground.

He looked to see what everyone had noticed; Grizz had got the tag, and now Daigo was trading places with him. The dragon smirked at Matty as he got in through the ropes and stood ready and waiting.

Matty groaned, "Oh, crap…."

Looks like Matty and Matipuno's team got on a roll, until the tag happened. Will Daigo switching with Grizz change their chance into a complete loss? Keep on reading! ^^

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Here are some of the people mentioned here in the story:

My OC, Matty Morse: [link]

Daigo also belongs to me

Matipuno: [link]

Grizz: [link]

Their creator, beardrooler: :iconbeardrooler:

Let me and Matty know if you wanna fight!
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